Is ICEing really an issue?

I didn’t think too much of it at first and really didn’t know what it was.  I thought it had something to do Immigration, to be honest.  ICEing is a practice/pranking of disrupting Tesla Supercharging stations mainly by larger trucks (ICE stands for Internal Combustion Engine).  Kinda the middle finger to us Tesla drivers.

At first, I found it rather funny but then reading further on the extent that some have gone to block Supercharger stations it’s pretty bad.

Now it looks like it’s becoming a trend since another Reddit user spotted pickup truck drivers taking over another Tesla Supercharger (picture via u/BarcodeOfficial):

They reportedly were also yelling profanities to Tesla owners coming to charge at the Supercharger station.

The pickup trucks were blocking the charging stations in a popular time for long-distance travels, which is, of course, a busy time for charging stations.

Already many states are passing laws to make this illegal and a violation to park in a spot marked for vehicles using a different fuel. They could be fined and towed.

On the flip side, we have some fighting back (although I don’t condone such behavior) like this Tesla Model X towing a Chevy Silverado from a Supercharger station.  Pretty impressive!

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