Strong Model 3 demand for 2019

A wall street analyst states, “Demand for Tesla’s Model 3 mid-size electric sedan looks very strong into 2019 and beyond,” – more. Wall Street pleased to see the news for such demand as Tesla’s shares (NASDAQ:TSLA) show some recovery.

Tesla often needed to raise capital for company growth, however with the demand then hopefully sales, this would greatly ease the need for more.  There is still an appetite for EVs and in 2019 we look for it to grow.  Still, other car makers are still focused on larger vehicles such as SUVs.

A region other than the states that will be part of this demand will be Europe.  This location is ripe for Model 3s and Musk is looking to support it in more ways than one.

The Model 3 before had skeptics thinking Musk wouldn’t deliver his quota.  Elon improvised with adding ad-hoc factory extensions which included more human involvement to meet quotas stating: ‘Humans are underrated’.

We look forward to the growth that Tesla looks to get in 2019 and mainly to a larger supercharging coverage to come!  Keep it up Elon!

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