Tesla Model Y coming this year

We still don’t know much about the crossover vehicle.  We do know that Elon Musk has approved the Model Y prototype for production.  I’m sure we will get a peak very soon of the next Tesla.

Don’t forget, this will be the fifth vehicle in Tesla’s lineup.  We soon will have the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and many of us drooling to see the new Roadster on the streets soon as well.

The Model Y will be similar to the Model 3 with a hatch and may have similar doors to the Model X.  The range should still be within the familiar limits with around 200-300 on a single charge alone with 3.5 – 5.5 second 0-60 acceleration.

Although we should be able to see the Model Y this year, production will not start until 2020.  I’m sure the Model Y will also have self-driving technology especially since Musk plans to release a fully autonomous self-driving system in 2019.

Although we have many in out there on the internet mocking up possible look and feel of the new Model Y, we really only have the above image to go off of.  It’s really not enough to make out what it will really look like especially with the doors and rear of the vehicle hidden.

Numbers such as 500,000 to a million crossovers per year were thrown around by Musk on how many units will be sold.  Expect $40k for the ballpark of the Model Y.

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