Wonder which Tesla model is the fastest?

Now that Tesla has been around for some time (began as a company in July of 2003) I think its time to compare the models up to now.

We have the roadster which is soon to get an impressive upgrade around 2020.  The Model S of course which really took the company to the next level.  We then have the Model X which somewhat had a quiet launch.  Then finally the Model 3 which allowed many more to board the “electric train” so to speak.

So after these models along with their respective trim levels, many of us look at what Tesla has become.  Well, there is no better way to compare models than to race em eh!?

Fortunately for us, someone did just that and blessed us with the results.

Models tested:

  • Original Roadster.
  • Model S P100D
  • Model 3 Performance
  • Model X P100D.

Two things impressed me about this video.  One, how slow the roadster was.  I was still under the impression it was a fast vehicle, and two, how quick the Model 3 was.  Then after thinking a little longer, I realized they are still the performance editions of each, which for the Model 3 still has a pretty high price tag for a “less expensive” model.

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